The New Mexico EMS Video Loan Program is a time saving and cost effective supplement to other types of continuing education programs. The program allows all New Mexico EMS services, EMTs, injury prevention coordinators and emergency medical dispatchers the opportunity to receive quality in-service clinical training.

As a subscriber, you may select any of the training videos from the library. There are currently over 400 videos and DVDs.  The videos will bring you up-to-date  on all essential skills, even those you perform least often – a plus for volunteers and low volume services. You can order an unlimited number of videos per membership each year. However, we have a limit of two (2) videos at one time. Each category lists videos by subject themes, with the titles indexed numerically. CEs certificates will be given once videos have been watched and returned. The CEs are approved by the Department of Health, Public Health Division, and IPEMS Bureau.

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