The mission of EMS Region III, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, has been, and continues to be the promotion of region-wide community-based emergency medical service and trauma care system that reduces premature death and disability from acute illness, medical and traumatic emergencies through the coordination of local and regional resources to reduce morbidity and mortality through prevention, awareness and quality intervention.  We believe that the experience, dedicated man-hours, commitment and structure of our and staff is essential in accomplishing the goals and objectives set forth in this mission.

Jacob’s Memorial Scholarship Opportunity

You may now apply for the Jerry Jacobs Memorial Scholarship for EMS, Fire & Nurses. One-year scholarships will be awarded in an amount to be determined on an annual basis by the Fund Trustees, approved by the Board of Directors of EMS Region III. Applications must be received no later than September 11, 2015.

Application & Information Submission

FY 17 EMS Fund Act Special Projects Applications

It is that time of year again! The Emergency Medical Systems Bureau is accepting applications for the following portions of the Fiscal Year 2017 EMS Fund Act which include:


Local System Improvement Application & Guide for Local System Project

EMS Vehicle Purchase Application & Guide for Vehicle Purchase

Statewide EMS System Improvement Application & Guide for Statewide System Improvement Project

EMD Agency Support Program


Applications must be post-marked by or hand-delivered to the EMS Bureau by close of business Friday, November 20, 2015.   Your regional offices are available to assist you in completing a quality, competitive application. Prior to submission, all applications must be reviewed by your Regional Office. Any applications (no exceptions) without Regional Office Review and signature, will be considered incomplete, and will not be accepted, this includes Training Institutions, etc. It is not the Regional office responsibility to mail these to the Bureau unless discussed prior if all is complete. Applications not signed off will be considered INCOMPLETE. NO SPECIAL BINDING- SINGLE STAPLE IN LEFT CORNER ONLY!!

Please note that if you are in need of an extension you must request an extension prior to the due date “NOT” the day it is due. No exceptions.